Costruzioni meccaniche di precisione - Bologna (italy)


Rimec Group is a company that manufactures mechanical components for a variety of industrial sectors. We have been investing for years both in technological research processes and in the development of leading-edge solutions for the mechanical products machined in our workshops. We have specialised in the construction of shafts and worm gears for winches and reduction gearboxes, link and pivot pins for lifting systems, adjustable stretchers and anchor fittings for fleyer chains, track rollers and sprockets for construction equipment undercarriages, and Twist locks, which are safety components for the handling of containers. We hold UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.


The Rimec Group corporate structure is able to handle all phases of the order, starting from purchase of the raw material through to delivery of the finished product, which can also be assembled in our contract assembly division to the customer’s specifications. All processing steps, from issue of the order to shipment of the finished product, are handled by a computerised bar-code system.


Apart from its in-house machining and other processes, Rimec is able to draw on its know-how and a dense network of partner firms inside and outside the group to deliver special heat and surface treatments.

Case hardening
Induction hardening
Ferritic nitrocarburising
Galvanisation Painting
Chemical nickel plating
Chromium plating

Head Office

Nerio Righi
tel. +39 051-846902 int. 5

Rita Lolli – Accounting Dept.
tel. +39 051-846902 int. 6

Commercial / quality

Deborah Dini
tel. +39 051-846902 int. 3

Ottavio Palmerini
tel. +39 051-846902 int. 2

Production / logistic

Michele Degli Esposti
tel. +39 051-846902 int. 4

Luca Torreggiani
tel. +39 051-846902 int. 4

Andrea Anderlini
tel. +39 051-6782044


Massimo Anderlini
tel. +39 051-6782044